Automated Surface Inspection

How Dürr are taking advantage of market-ready AI to improve their paint shops

Monday 9th August, 2021

Dürr have recently implemented their own digital solution to streamlining a paintshop environment. Until recently, identifying defect sources or improving manufacturing processes could only be done with AI through special robots. Now, technology like what Dürr have created, allows you to analyse in greater detail in a single application.

In the automotive industry, it is quite common for businesses to have a lot of data on their processes but they are not able to leverage it. By installing AI based technology, you can do just that. The same applies with any form of automated inspection systems.

Why is this so important you ask?

Having automated inspection systems can allow you to deliver great accuracy, identify and learn from mistakes for future, gather data and evaluate trends, give your workforce the time for more productive human tasks and all whilst saving money.

Read more about why you need to switch from manual to automated inspection systems, before it’s too late. 

…and Dürr is just one example, and so are paint shops. Automated systems are being adopted everywhere in a variety of industries and businesses. We can help you in the automotive, medical, aerospace, textiles, non-woven and composites sectors!

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