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Machine vision can improve injection moulding

Friday 29th October, 2021

The automotive industry doesn’t stop, it’s always moving. Ensuring your quality assurance is up to scratch comes with the job. A new trend in automated vision inspection is the use of autonomous machine vision (AMV).

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Kal Tire Develop Autonomous Tyre Inspection System

Tuesday 28th September, 2021

Leading tyre supply and management partner, Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group, have teamed up with vision systems specialists Pitcrew AI, to develop an autonomous detection system. The solution is able to identify hot tyres, tyre separations and other tyre damage, without the vehicle needing to stop. Any defects or abnormalities are transmitted directly into TOMS, […]

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How to improve your quality control processes

Monday 23rd August, 2021

Looking to improve your processes in quality control? At Shelton Vision, we have 3 great pointers to help with accelerating your processes. 1) Go automated There are so many advantages of making your inspection systems and processes automated in 2021, which actually feed into our next two points. Switching to automation can deliver 24/7 accuracy, […]

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How Dürr are taking advantage of market-ready AI to improve their paint shops

Monday 9th August, 2021

Dürr have recently implemented their own digital solution to streamlining a paintshop environment. Until recently, identifying defect sources or improving manufacturing processes could only be done with AI through special robots. Now, technology like what Dürr have created, allows you to analyse in greater detail in a single application. In the automotive industry, it is […]

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Accelerating textile production with automation

Monday 28th June, 2021

Manufacturing processes are always moving forward, in speed and complexity. The textiles industry are often early adopters of these technologies, to advance the performance of processes and cut down on costs whilst retaining quality. If you’re on the fence about trying automated inspection systems with your textiles business, there’s a few things you should know. […]

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