Automated Surface Inspection

Aerospace digital imaging

Many applications within the aerospace industry can benefit from the precise performance of vision systems for improved defect detection, increased throughput and traceability.

Aerospace digital imagingSurface inspection for the Aerospace industry

The aerospace industry relies on innovation and the application of new technologies to advance the overall performance of products used such as Aerospace digital imaging.

As manufacturing processes increase in speed and safety as quality standards become more rigorous, the need for an automated quality control solution is ever more pressing.

The benefits of Aerospace digital imaging

Shelton Vision have applied state of the art machine vision techniques that offer the following benefits:

  • The ability to set identifiable standards of visual quality control.
  • The ability to audit results and trace any deviation.
  • The ability to eject faulty components in real time.
  • Elimination of variable human subjectivity on day to day quality decisions.

With expertise in delivering stand alone systems, or systems integrated into a production process, Shelton Vision have the capability to provide solutions that often exceed expectations and often provide additional benefit to those identified at the outset of a project.

Shelton Vision have experience in inspecting man made leather seating, carbon fibre (UD, weaving, fibre placement) and related products and processes.