Automated Surface Inspection

Automation in Pipeline Inspection

Tuesday 7th December, 2021

On our blog, we’re always talking about how machine technology and AI can improve your automotive workflows. However, there is plenty of technology in various other industries, like the offshore oil and gas production sectors – which is a key talking point in the news currently. Inspection is crucial, in order to reduce the environmental impact and be more precise in the process.

Every year, the inspection systems improve and automation is now the way forward – specifically in pipeline inspection.

We now have 3D models with machine learning for automated eventing and reporting. For instance, there are high resolution true-scale 3D point cloud models, and the aim is to deliver quantifiable data for automation and real-time machine learning.

This technology is capable of detecting anomalies including dents, buckling and out of roundness. Additionally, there is now technology as well that provides clear images with time synchronised geotagging – allowing consolidated analysis.

All of this technology is becoming more popular. But, why should you invest? Automated inspection systems are able to help you cut down on costs, maintain a high quality of service, have access to detailed reports, 24/7 accuracy and continually build rapport with clients through precision.

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