Automated Surface Inspection

Visual Inspection Systems


Shelton Vision produce a comprehensive machine vision based system made up of 4 components that together deliver an automatic solution to achieve the ultimate inspection and small roll making department that ensures maximum profit from each batch, virtually eliminates customer claims and provides consistent data for process improvement.

Integrated vision systems

With over 100 years of combined machine vision system design and development experience within the company Shelton Vision are able to provide a level of expertise to create unique and creative solutions to problems that can be resolved using machine vision and automation.

Slow moving vision inspection

Fabric forming is generally performed on installations of multiple machines at a relatively slow speed with the highest cost being that of raw material used. During manufacture of fabric defects can be created that reduce the value of the final product. By using machine vision on every machine certain defects can be eliminated and others reduced in size and severity.

Machine Vision Solutions

We work with a number of trusted partners to ensure the very latest innovation and highest quality across a range of applications. This includes PC and processing equipment, vision camera and optical equipment specialists.

Automated optical inspection (AOI)

The Nonwoven industry has expanded into many end use areas previously occupied by traditional textile production, as well as many novel applications that incorporate new and high speed processes.