Automated Surface Inspection

Case Studies

Here you will find a selection of applications that have benefited from machine vision software created by Shelton Vision.

Automotive fabric producer protects customers, reduces claims and increases throughput

Imperfections may occur in fabrics due to the materials and manufacturing processes involved. It is vital these defects are detected and flagged, or removed before further value is added in the next stage of manufacture.

Consistent high resolution inspection of contact lenses from optical area to rim

A contact lens inspection system that can inspect at high resolution throughout the lens depth and detect all defects that may occur without any manual sampling checks required.

On loom inspection – reduced waste and increased throughput

During the weaving process there is often insufficient time for operators to reliably check for defects and with the ever increasing production speeds of looms defects can run a significant length before detection, if they are ever detected.

Return on investment through Cut Plan Optimisation

Pre planned cutting solutions can be applied to the fabric defect map in a virtual form to calculate the optimum outcome from cutting large batches to smaller rolls.