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AOI inspection systems

Wednesday 18th October, 2017

Shelton builds automated optical inspection (AOI) applications that use high-performance industrial cameras and various lighting configurations that make sure you get the most from your next batch. We create tailor-made solutions that are unique to your business. Shelton brings more than one hundred years of combined machine vision experience to the table. Initiate the first […]

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Reduce production delays with automation

Saturday 30th September, 2017

Production delays can harm your reputation as a reliable partner, it can also hinder your sales team’s ability to win new business, especially within industries such as medical quality control and the automotive industry, where close to no defects are rightly expected. Inferior quality products Shelton can help you catch defects at the earliest possible […]

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Machine vision for the medical industry

Monday 25th September, 2017

Machine vision systems can be used within the pharmaceutical industry to help increase through-line speeds and improve quality, helping to improve the efficiency of your business. Our systems help solidify your medical quality control processes, we offer a range of solutions that meet your specific needs and those of the wider pharmaceutical sector. Contact lens […]

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Machine Vision and the Automotive Industry

Wednesday 23rd August, 2017

Machine vision (MV) technology can have a major impact on quality control and the production line. Machine vision technology optimises the production process within the automotive industry, where any errors in a highly competitive market can be extremely costly. MV applications in the automotive industry Here are some example of where MV applications could be […]

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Improve quality with automated visual inspection

Monday 14th August, 2017

Manual inspection costs can be reduced by introducing an automated visual inspection system to your business. For manufacturers across all industries, an automated system and process can be highly customised in order to meet specific machinery needs.   Remain competitive With any human process, manual inspection is prone to error. As the manufacturing industry become […]

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