Automated Surface Inspection

How the offshore industry is embracing inspection AI

Wednesday 22nd December, 2021

As we close 2021, it’s clear that automated inspection systems are continuing to grow in popularity. It’ll only continue into 2022, just wait and see.

The latest industry to be embracing inspection AI is the offshore sector. The offshore industry is oil and gas extraction, but is increasingly going green – for instance, ‘offshore wind farms’ are continually popping up around the world.

Driven by the ever-growing need to make operations more safe and efficient, the industry has turned to the world of artificial intelligence. AI will particularly help with price volatility, cost pressure and the changing nature of staffing requirements.

One way AI has been embraced is around Field Development. New technology is being used into offshore systems to design specific data like wind speed, FPSO heading and GPS information – coupling this with machine learning then provides continuous feedback on the integrating of mooring systems. These tools are all created to detect when there’s potential mooring line failures without the traditional reliance on a tension monitoring system.

Another great way AI has been integrated into offshore systems is in production! AI has been crafted to offer real-time offshore inspection solutions, capable of detection and categorisation of equipment anomalies. As with most automated systems, it’s helping cut down costs, improve reliability, continually build credibility and increase operational efficiency.

It’s not just offshore, though. We’re seeing increased automation in pipeline inspection, tyre inspection, textile inspection and it’s even now helping reduce emissions.

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