Automated Surface Inspection

Why should we switch from manual inspection?

Thursday 17th December, 2020

We’ve talked about the differences between automated quality control and manual quality control previously, and in this blog we’ll be discussing the main reasons why you should be switching to an automated system now. 

You’re inevitably missing things

Manual inspection may be working for you. 

However, what do you lose when something goes wrong? How much does it cost to fix a simple error that could’ve just been avoided? Human error is unavoidable unfortunately, it’s simply natural. Bespoke software on the other hand delivers accuracy at an extremely granular level, programmed to complete the same tasks again and again.

Costs can go through the roof on large scale production lines when errors are made, which can (and will) have lasting consequences to the business in reputation, quality and ultimately create issues with other stages of production if left unnoticed. 

The cost of error with manual inspection is likely more expensive than investing in an automated system that will intime pay for itself with its accuracy.

24/7 accuracy

Having manual inspection processes in place can be great, but there’s only so much we can do in a day. With an automated system, allow specialist systems to identify your products around the clock whilst your team are better used at higher levels of the production line.

Crisis? Sorted

When there’s an issue in your production line, it can take time to feed this information through the chain of command to identify, solve and fix the problem. This time is valuable, and precious. Crisis management is easier with automated systems; our machines provide real time information as they identify issues – allowing you to make informed decisions in the moment. 

Additionally, because of this real time information, it’ll allow you to quickly avoid the issues in future with accuracy and ease.

Why should we switch to automated systems?

There are so many reasons that you may have learnt throughout this blog, to summarise:

  • Automated systems save you valuable time and money.
  • Human error is unavoidable, but machine learning delivers greater accuracy.
  • Even the smallest errors can be identified, immediately.
  • Automated systems allow your workforce to be used in other more efficient ways in your business, like more complex tasks.
  • Automated systems collect real time data which gives you a picture of everything happening, to improve for the future with data-driven decisions.
  • With greater accuracy, comes even greater reputation. Win more business!

Not convinced? Read our popular blog around the top 10 benefits of automated systems.

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