Automated Surface Inspection

Technical support

An integral part of any automated, business critical system is the need to have back up for peace of mind.

Inspection systems technical support from Shelton Vision

We are able to log onto all systems remotely to enable timely investigation and apply solutions should issues arise, the users require additional training, or additional features added.

Shelton Vision provide unparalleled vision system support from dedicated Technical Account Managers (TAM’s).

The TAM’s build up a knowledge of our clients businesses and requirements and often can suggest ways that system operation can add further benefit.

The WebCorder feature allows clients to make and store recordings of products they may feel they want some assistance with, or to investigate settings and performance. Our support team can then replay the recordings on the client system with the client participating and take them through options for revised settings.

We train client personnel at three levels;

  • System Champion (Super user) – there may be one per shift, or an overall System Champion
  • Maintenance Champion
  • Operator

All levels undergo a proficiency test and receive certification of having undertaken the training.

During commissioning the TAM’s get involved in assisting our clients to write SOP’s and providing further operational advice.

The support is provided under long term support agreements and includes software upgrades and minor adaptations on a fair use policy.

Freephone support number 0800 380 0696