Automated Surface Inspection

Slow moving vision inspection

Fabric forming is generally performed on installations of multiple machines at a relatively slow speed with the highest cost being that of raw material used. During manufacture of fabric defects can be created that reduce the value of the final product. By using machine vision on every machine certain defects can be eliminated and others reduced in size and severity.

Slow moving web vision inspection systemMost fabric produced from yarn is either knitted or woven and machines are watched by operators in a patrolling fashion whilst they also attend to set up and doffing on individual machines. As cost and performance pressures drive up the ration of machines per operator less time is available for quality control.

The Shelton Vision slow moving web (SMW) vision inspection system meets the need for on machine quality monitoring equipment that performs fabric inspection to a standard as good as, or better than an operator.

Due to the number of installations required per factory SMW vision inspection system has been developed as a cost effective solution consisting of low cost high resolution hardware coupled with sophisticated software and lighting control.

For reliable detection of the full range of defects, in particular long running or repeating defects, often more than one light source is required, but to maintain low unit costs the SMW vision inspection system employs a unique method of multiple light sources operating with a single set of cameras.

The SMW fabric inspection system provides unrivaled inspection performance in terms of defect detection and prevention of value reduction in the fabric forming process due to yarn and fabric construction process defects, human error set up and contamination.