Automated Surface Inspection

How to do garment quality right in 2022

Thursday 10th February, 2022

Year-on-Year, there is an increasing demand for improving quality control for the garment industry. There’s no doubt that automation is, as always, the most cost effective solution to this demand, especially for manufacturers.

We’ve touched on previously how in the garment industry, quality control is practised from the very beginning stages of sourcing raw materials, right through to a final garment product.

A growing trend we’re now seeing is manufacturers for brands adopting automation at their own sites, putting emphasis on standardisation and seeing the immense benefits it brings (reducing costs, reduced lead times and higher efficiency).

Over the last few years, something we’ve seen a lot is a consistent hesitancy for fabric manufacturers to bring automation into their processing, sticking to traditional methods and in a fast-moving industry, brands simply cannot wait – since the technology is reliable and ready to go. Stalling to adopt may mean losing valuable business from bigger brands.

Bringing forward the move to automation and cracking down on quality control is a must for 2022 as a garment manufacturer.

In an industry where quality, consistency and reliability are of utmost importance (while costs can become challenging) automated inspection systems offer the perfect balance of managing costs, with quality. In 2022, as shopping habits develop and the world continues to move in a positive direction out of the pandemic, ensuring you’re at the top of your game as a garment manufacturer is going to be vital.

Our technology is on-hand to help you make the move to automation in 2022. It can identify fabric defects and different shades within each fabric batch or roll. Take your fabric quality control for garment manufacture to the next level! If you’d like to chat to us, please call 0116 279 0920 or alternatively complete our contact form.

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