Automated Surface Inspection

Visual inspection camera system

Monday 30th April, 2018

Our visual inspection camera system allows defects to be classified, stored and referred back to, allowing a complete digital record to be reviewed by your customers.

Shelton’s WebSPECTOR machine vision inspection system is made up of four components one being the Shelton WebCORDER.

The Shelton WebCORDER vision camera creates a complete video of the fabric on all vision camera sets from end to end.

The system is then able to replay the video as if it were re-running the fabric through the system. This enables immediate feedback on any sensitivity setting changes so that precise detection setting can be achieve and validated accurately.

Stored images and video can be used to assist in disputed quality claims as it is almost as good as having your fabric available to check, even though it is physically in the hands of your customer. This builds trust and allows for a layer of transparency between you and your customer.

Industrial cameras

The standard system uses monochrome cameras which are suitable for most applications and are used for detecting shade changes. Full colour cameras are used where required.

Typically, one camera can handle a product (fabric) width of 100cm. In the case of a wide product, multiple cameras are installed.

Once the industrial cameras have acquired the line scan images of the fabric, the images are transferred to a PC where the images are processed by a set of WebSpector image processing and feature detection modules.

These modules determine the defect type, severity and whether parts of a defect image need to be ‘joined’ to other parts of similar defects in the same location to accurately report the total length of a long running, or repeating defect.

Machine vision cameras

Advanced visual inspection systems can be a benefit to a range of sectors. Please get in touch via our contact us page or call 0116 279 0920 for a confidential chat around your specific requirements.