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Vision technology and ROI

Thursday 11th August, 2016

A clear advantage of vision technology is the ability to increase output and through speeds by not relying on manual inspection time. The largest area in which you will see a return is by optimising the sales of goods that you produce, and limiting the amount of claims from your customers. This will clearly benefit your current customers, but could also be used to acquire new customers. Your sales team will be able to display the high levels of control allowed by automated inspection, a clearer idea of what can be achieved, thus leading to more business.

How will vision technology make a return on my investment?

The calculation for sales optimisation is achieved by converting a proportion of the usual level of waste into sales. This is often achieved by the elimination of short pieces – those pieces that have nothing wrong with them except they are too short to send to a customer so they are scrapped. A virtual map created by the vision system optimises the whole batch, helping avoid this type of waste. This alone can often produce a return on the investment of less than 18 months.

Vision Technology and ROI

How long before I see a profit from my investment in machine vision technology?

This can vary, we would not expect the timescale to exceed 18 months. In some cases we are able to offer contract rental schemes that may reduce the ROI to less than 6 months – please complete a contact form for more information. In most cases 12 months is an appropriate benchmark for a return on costs. Other factors to consider include your overall costs, product values and marketplace.

At the beginning of the process we would advise getting in touch with Shelton Vision in order that a clear understanding of what can be achieved could be established.

Shelton Vision also offer technical support through dedicated Technical Account Managers, who offer further advice on how vision technology could benefit your business.

Technical vision system support

How does optical inspection improve the yield and my profit?

Vision technology allows for flexible optimisation rules to help the yield on a batch. It will also produce a virtual map before any batch is cut, allowing for peace of mind, as the optimised cutting plan will deliver a predetermined outcome. This process can be viewed and decisions made remotely, for companies with offshore or multiple manufacturing plants.

Reduce waste and increase profits with machine vision solutions

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