Automated Surface Inspection

Unmatchable textile inspection

Monday 24th October, 2016

Shelton Vision delivers an automatic textile inspection solution that ensures maximum profit from each batch. The inspection process produces maximum yield, helps eliminate customer claims, provides data that can be used to improve efficiencies, and the knowledge to shape future decisions.

Shelton’s machine vision real time classification and grading can be used to calculate the optimum cutting plan, squeezing the maximum yield from each run.

The machine vision system provides consistent defect detection, classification and grading results, even on the most demanding of fabrics.

Our inspection systems have been designed to learn and train themselves to detect different styles and products. Thousands of different styles can be handled without a drop-in performance, even when new ones are introduced.

The system will find all ‘features’ that are different to the normal appearance of the web surface. These features will then be analysed, classified and graded in real time within the powerful CBIGS classification engine. Each defect is assigned a name and graded in terms of severity according to your quality standards for that product or customer.

Not only can defects such as stains and holes be recognised they can also be classified in terms of severity.

Benefits of textile inspection

Automated textile inspection systems have a single responsibility, unlike operators who may have their time split over various production tasks. You can focus your human resources on other areas of the business making the whole operation more efficient.

The benefits can be felt across the business, not just on the production floor. You can improve supplier relations, as they know you are proactively accessing each batch with automated machine vision technology.

All of this helps retain existing customers and attract new ones.

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