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Textile cut plan optimisation

Monday 4th July, 2016

In today’s highly competitive global market, manufacturers face constant pressure to reduce costs, offer greater choice, and deliver products faster.

Shelton Vision offer high speed cut plan optimisation that helps reduce costs and optimises your maximum yield. Traditionally large fabric inspection machines were used to locate defects during production. This allowed human inspectors to run fabrics at low speeds and mark defects as and when they see them.

This process is slow and creates more waste because of cutting position inefficiency.

The additional waste comes from the human inspector not knowing the scale of the defects on the roll and therefor the cutting plan that would best suit this unique pattern. A human operator doesn’t have the ability to pre-plan a cutting solution.

Defect mapping solutions

The cutting itself can also be problematic, a human operator may not be able to accurately stick to the defect boundary. This may seem trivial, but over time the small amounts of waste per cut can add up and can ultimately negatively affect your bottom line.

cut plan optimisation

Shelton Vision have created an integrated machine vision process for fabric inspection that creates a detailed defect map for each large process batch of fabric, where defects are automatically classified and graded.

The defect map is a virtual form of the fabric batch that has been inspected and pre-planned cutting solutions can be applied to the map in its virtual form to calculate the optimum outcome.

Being able to calculate the optimum cutting plan for any batch using computer based optimisation techniques allows the producer to squeeze the maximum yield from their production.

Automated inspection can significantly increase yield compared to the manual inspection and cutting process. Improved efficiencies would also be felt in the inspection department.

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