Automated Surface Inspection

Reduce production delays with automation

Saturday 30th September, 2017

Production delays can harm your reputation as a reliable partner, it can also hinder your sales team’s ability to win new business, especially within industries such as medical quality control and the automotive industry, where close to no defects are rightly expected.

Inferior quality products

Shelton can help you catch defects at the earliest possible stage to minimise costs and protect your bottom line.

Manual checks can be part of the overall process, but shouldn’t be solely relied upon because human error will inevitably play its part.

Use an automated inspection system to keep faulty products at a minimum.

Faulty products will result in expensive re-shipping costs and damage relationships with current customers that can’t be easily measured.

WebSPECTOR, Shelton’s machine vision solution, ensures maximum profit from each batch, virtually eliminates customer claims and provides consistent data for process improvement.

The collection of consistent data can help identify negative trends within your supply chain.

Talk to our specialists today, in complete confidence, to help find a bespoke solution to help your business succeed.

Automated solutions to production delays

Shelton’s automated machine vision solution enables the following benefits:

  • You will win more business if your sales team can demonstrate a clear defect management plan to potential customers
  • Build trust and instill confidence with current customers
  • Identifying defects early will reduce the amount of overall waste
  • Grading defects and the impact of those defects allows a more streamlined process
  • A reduction in waste leads to an increase in profits
  • Information collected can be used to improve future processes

How Shelton’s automated inspection can help

Get in touch with Shelton today to find out how defect management through an automated inspection system could benefit your business. Please get in touch by completing our online contact form or call 0116 279 0920.

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