Automated Surface Inspection

Quality control and surface inspection

Friday 25th May, 2018

Manual inspection can provide an immediate judgment on defects during production to ensure defective products aren’t sent to customers.  However, if you are producing products with complex materials or a fast throughput, then it becomes difficult for a human to keep up and ensure the highest possible quality.

Poor quality as an end product reflects badly on your business and could harm future relationships with your customers. Prevention is ultimately best practice, it improves your output and overall profit by inspecting 100% of the surface material.

Shelton Vision’s machine vision systems enable you to continuously inspect, classify and grade faults in fabrics.

Benefits of automated inspection

Here are some key benefits of surface inspection that Shelton’s machine vision technology can help you deliver:

  • Each percentage increase in yield results in an increase in both profit and revenue. For example, if you produce 1,000 garments per hour with a rejection rate of 10% this will lead to 800 garments going to waste over a normal working day.
  • Reduction in resources, customer claims, waste and landfill costs, this can have a direct impact on your bottom line
  • Reduce shipping and resupply costs by identifying defects at the very source before sending on to your customers
  • Enhanced quality analysis reports
  • Use data to improve processes
  • Build trust and retain existing customers
  • Use your stringent processes to win new business

Bespoke machine vision solutions

Shelton Visions’ tailored automatic inspection system helps increase throughput and production capacity. If you would like to get in touch to discuss how we could you get the most from your batch, then please call 0116 279 0920 or complete our contact form.

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