Automated Surface Inspection

Machine Vision and the Automotive Industry

Wednesday 23rd August, 2017

mv applications automotive industry

Machine vision (MV) technology can have a major impact on quality control and the production line. Machine vision technology optimises the production process within the automotive industry, where any errors in a highly competitive market can be extremely costly.

MV applications in the automotive industry

Here are some example of where MV applications could be used on the production line within the automotive industry:

  • Identifying dents and dings within the body panels
  • Checking the correct spacing and dimensions of holes within disc brake pads
  • Verifying the correct shape of gear teeth
  • Inspecting engine castings for defects
  • Checking nozzle holes on pumps
  • Inspection of adhesive application

Ensure quality and minimise waste with Shelton

Automated inspection is very important in providing safe operation, improving the efficiency of manufacturing and inspection leading to a quality end product. This all contributes to your bottom line, with a reduction in waste, better relations with your current customers, a better reputation in order to acquire future customers and a markdown in re-shipping costs

What does the future hold for MV applications?

Machine vision applications will continue to be used at a grander scale because the key benefits: ergonomics, quality and delivery are attainable without delays and improved costs. Automated inspection will also make interactions between humans operators and machines in the production line safer.

Interested in improving your automotive production line?​

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