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Automated quality control vs Manual inspection

Friday 29th July, 2016

Automated quality control can help your business grow by reducing your manual inspection costs. Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions, to help you decide if automated inspection is right for you.

automated quality control

What’s the ROI in automating quality assurance?

If your business works within an industry where a single error could cause a loss, then you will require additional labour to conduct manual inspections. Those losses persist with human inspection as naturally we all make mistakes and miss errors.

Mistakes made in a large production run can have the following effects:

  • A loss in the cost of scrapped materials
  • Lost production time
  • Missed service level agreements (SLA’s)
  • Crisis resolution time and support

An automated machine vision inspection system can highlights issues immediately and minimise costs.

The benefits of automated over manual inspection

Here we can see some of the benefits of automated quality control over your current operators:

  • Automated quality assurance systems have a single responsibility, unlike operators who may have their time split over various production tasks
  • They can work 24/7 without breaks
  • The high levels of accuracy enable automated systems to pay for themselves over time with the savings that they make
  • You can focus your human resources on other areas of the business making the whole operation more efficient

Can an automated inspection system improve overall quality?

Manual inspections are typically based on sampling. It can be a slow process and opens up the chance for error. An automated system can inspect the surface of a complete run. Instead of checking a sample of the surface and a few samples in between. Automated quality control systems allow you to set certain criteria and the application allows real time tracking through machine vision cameras and recordings. This allows you to act on issues in real time, saving costs on any re-inspection.

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