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Automated Surface Inspection Systems

Shelton Machine Vision Systems

The value of a machine vision systems is realised by creating consistently accurate defect maps using precise camera defect detection capability which enables the system to provide optimum yield from each batch. Every percentage point of yield improvement puts an equivalent percentage of turnover onto the profit line.

WebSpector Inspection System

The Shelton WebSpector high speed inspection system uses state of the art machine vision and optical components to achieve unparalleled results in demanding applications in terms of defect detection with real time classification and grading.

Slow moving web solutions

By applying cost effective inspection systems to fabric forming machines running and repeating defects can be eliminated which increases the amount of good product produced by each machine and saves on raw material waste.

Custom solutions

Shelton Vision have the technical capability to apply their extensive machine vision experience to many applications and requirements across all industry sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, construction materials, energy, nuclear and many others.


As well as providing unique product solutions in the field of machine vision, Shelton Vision also provide consultancy on arriving at original and cost effective solutions for a range of industrial inspection applications.

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Why choose Shelton Vision for your project?

Shelton Vision has consistently delivered systems for demanding applications that exceed our customers expectations because we take time to understand the full requirements of our clients and translate these into machine vision capability.

The process begins with a feasibility process so that our clients have sufficient evidence that the intended outcome is going to be achieved.

Our aim is to deliver systems that provide real benefits without compromise and to provide ongoing support for all our customers as they enter and operate within the machine vision technology sphere.


4 Reasons to help you decide...

  1. All Shelton Vision systems are fully operational and used day in day out by our clients in business critical applications.
  2. Shelton Vision provide unparalleled support.
  3. The systems incorporate critical components that are globally available through original equipment distributors.
  4. Shelton Vision has developed unique features that enables unique results and performance to be achieved.