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Vision technology or human inspection?

Monday 9th July, 2018

Vision technology or human inspection

Both have their merits, hopefully, this blog will help you decide the best option for you.

Vision technology allows for growth as you reduce your human inspection costs.

Manual inspectors can be used elsewhere in the business, where their experience can be passed down through the company to further help efficiency.

Naturally, manual inspection does have its drawbacks, including human error and the need to pause production during breaks and time-off.

Human error within a production line can have the following impact:

  • Costs incurred due to customer claims for defects not seen
  • Adding value to substandard base material
  • Time and support during crisis resolution
  • Missed SLA’s

Each of the above can have an effect on your bottom line and could ultimately damage relationships with your customers.

An automated solution can highlight issues at the root and minimise unwanted expense.

ROI can typically be felt after 18 months but being an early adopter can also give you a competitive advantage in the short term. You’re investing on an advanced machine vision system that will set your company apart from your competitors.

Benefits of automated vision technology

  • Automated inspection systems have a single responsibility, unlike operators who may have their time split over various production tasks
  • They can work 24 hours, seven days a week without breaks
  • The high levels of accuracy enable automated systems to pay for themselves over time with the savings that they make
  • You can focus your human resources on other areas of the business making the whole operation more efficient

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Automated quality assurance allows greater workflow efficiency, it saves money on wasted materials, resulting in a greater ROI over a financial year. If you would like a confidential discussion about vision technology please call Shelton Vision on +44 (0) 116 279 0920 or complete our online contact form.

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