Automated Surface Inspection

Vehicle surface inspection systems

Friday 31st August, 2018

vehicle surface inspection systems

Buying a new car is a highly emotional act: a potential buyer will only spend a significant amount of money if they firmly believe in the value of the product under consideration.

In this respect, the external appearance of a vehicle is of utmost importance: It is what generates the first impression which will be hard to change by any arguments heard in the ensuing negotiations.

As the manufacturing processes increase in speed and complexity, whilst at the same time safety and quality standards become more rigorous, the need for an automated quality control solution is ever more pressing.

Every part that goes into a vehicle must fit and function perfectly. Manual inspectors are far less accurate than a camera, and any defects in a part can be dangerous for the consumer and costly for the manufacturer.

Interior and exterior automotive inspection

Shelton Vision has experience in inspecting both interior automotive fabrics:

  • Headliner
  • Pillar fabric
  • Sunshade
  • Carpet
  • Door panels
  • Seating

As well as transmission belt fabric, airbag fabric (plain and OPW) and tyre cord.

Benefits of vehicle surface inspection systems

Shelton Vision machine vision applications offer the following benefits:

  • The ability to set identifiable standards of visual quality control
  • Audit and track results, helping inform future business decisions
  • Reject faulty components in real time
  • Reduce the number of human error on a day to day basis

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