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The machine vision market continues to grow

Thursday 13th July, 2017

Recent research carried out by Grand View, indicates that they expect the global machine vision market to reach £14.85 billion by the year 2025.

The growth in the market will be driven by the continued increase in automation across, a wide range of industries, Asia is seen as a key force behind this expansion.

Asia and the Pacific region will account for 10.4% of annual growth. This can be attributed to a growing manufacturing base within the region and current investment in automated vision inspection systems.

North America has performed well this year, with sales of machine vision components up 10% year-on-year up to £461 million.

Automated inspection system sectors

machine vision market

The increased adoption of machine vision technology across sectors such as:

  • Pharmaceutical – To protect integrity and safety, the medical industry was one of the first adopters of machine vision applications
  • Automotive – Machine vision technology can benefit the whole of the automotive manufacturing process, from soft interiors to raw materials
  • Aerospace – Automated vision systems help companies exceed the the rigours imposed by the industry
  • Packaging – Automated inspection a better choice than human vision for inspection tasks that are fast, detailed, and repetitive
  • Food and drink – Machine vision can provide quality control for the food and drink industry

PC-based machine vision systems have been identified as the technology that would account for the most growth, estimated to reach £8.10 billion by 2025.

Shelton, experts in machine vision technology

Obstacles to growth include a lack of understanding among users and the perceived complexity of integrating machine vision systems. If you would like a confidential discussion on the benefits of machine vision technology and how integration is very possible, then please contact Shelton on 0116 279 0920 or complete our contact form.

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