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Textile defect detection – Grading quality

Friday 23rd September, 2016

In most textile manufacturing businesses there are a range of textiles to process and the number of products is vast, producing shorter production runs for each style.

The defect detection system you are using needs to understand what a perfect product should look like. Shelton’s WebSpector is a self-teaching and unsupervised system, which enable repeat defect detection and improved efficiency. These vital features increase productivity and reduce the reliance on manual inspection.

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Defect Detection Efficiency

The system is able to store accurate operational settings for each style, detecting and deviation from what it knows is the perfect product.

As well as a large range of products, textiles are subject to many causes of defects that originate from raw material, manufacturing processes and applied additives.

Shelton’s WebSpector system is able to grade different defects with a different class, this is because the severity of any defect can differ greatly.

This has to be done in real time, as decisions need to be made as to whether the feature is a defect, if so what type and then the severity, before instructing a label to be applied at line speed.

Grading allows you to differentiate between different types of defects that appear visually similar. This filtering process ignores inconsequential defects of a certain type whilst recording more severe examples and classification provides a clear distinction between defects of differing causes.

An example of classification in operation would be for the system to understand where a piece of fluff is loose on the surface of a fabric as opposed to a piece of fluff that has been entangled within the fabric construction. The former is a defect, the latter of no consequence.

Machine Vision Defect Detection

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