Automated Surface Inspection

How electric car specialist, Tesla, plans to implement automated cameras to enhance quality inspection

Monday 18th January, 2021

Tesla is moving to install a variety of automated cameras and systems to enhance the quality control of their electric vehicle production. 

Tesla is a company that moves fast, and the automotive industry is also notoriously fast-moving, so automated inspection systems will safely allow the company to work quickly and efficiently.

What does this involve for Tesla?

At their Fremont Factory in California, the Tesla team are planning on committing to new high-tech automated camera systems. People have raised issues on the quality of certain Tesla Models, due to moving quickly in the industry. The aim with these new technologies, like many other automotive rivals, is to raise the bar.

Tesla is producing Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y vehicles at this particular factory – some of these names you may be familiar with in recent times.

It’s no wonder why Tesla is making this move. It’s simple.

Automated inspection systems allow you to:

  • Keep a close eye on things, 24/7 without being there
  • Nail the accuracy of products
  • Avoid and/or manage crisis situations in factories
  • Save valuable time and money

Are you still using manual inspection in 2021? This is why automation is the way forward.

We believe these new systems will help Tesla nail their product range, as we see more and more companies start to take advantage of automation to spearhead growth and quality. If you’re looking into something similar, we’re here to help anytime.

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