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Sony improving image sensors for industrial applications

Tuesday 24th November, 2020

Industrial Imaging is a growing market in the automation and AI world. This year, Sony unveiled their new industrial SWIR image sensors, boasting a pixel pitch of 5μm. It comes in two different variations, IMX990 and IMX991, both with separate resolutions. 

Sony explains that there are a few issues with traditional SWIR image sensors, like low sensitivity in the visible light spectrum, which have inhibited the penetration of SWIR imaging. However, these new sensors use stacking technology that allows this new 5 pixel size to be possible, giving a higher image quality and a more compact-sensor size.

What does this mean in the automation and inspection world? Cameras are always moving forward. Sony are proposing these new products for use in industrial applications like material selection, semiconductor inspection and contaminant inspection, to contribute to improved productivity. If you’re in these industries, any camera technology like this should be of interest to you. As with most new imaging technologies, they all help move the industry forward with more efficient processes.

Imaging technology is getting smart, and it’s extremely versatile. Even in space

If you’re looking to enhance your business, advanced imaging technology could help you streamline your production lines, save money and improve overall quality? Not convinced? We know all about AI and automated inspection technology, let’s talk.

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