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ŠKODA kicks off an AI pilot project with Image Analysis

Monday 26th October, 2020

With ambitious plans to digitalise every area of their business, ŠKODA have increasingly invested time and energy into AI (artificial intelligence) applications. One of many areas that ŠKODA have focused on include image analysis technology. At the moment, ŠKODA uses this technology to find parking spaces available on their factory premises but they have ideas on how to innovate this across other parts of the business.

ŠKODA has an actual lab, called FabLab to spearhead these innovations. It’s where employees from their Central Technical Service come together. As mentioned, ŠKODA are using image technology for their car parks currently. How does the system work? It compares the latest images previously stored and identifies patterns. When these trials are completed, they will roll this technology to their busy trucks. All in all, these new processes are going to increase efficiency, sustainability, safety and ultimately reduce costs.

“In manufacturing, AI-based image analysis, for example, makes it possible to detect anomalies on equipment even before they become an issue. This will provide us with more flexibility in terms of scheduling required maintenance work and will prevent costly disruptions to production processes. Identifying available parking spaces as part of a pilot project is a great way to optimise the image analysis technology prior to integrating it into everyday operations.”

Miroslav Kroupa, Head of Brand Management at ŠKODA AUTO

At Shelton, we are always on the lookout for unique ways to use AI technology. Image recognition and analysis technology is growing rapidly. ŠKODA is just one of many examples. Can you think of any ways AI may benefit your business? Goodyear are improving tyre life, Honda are fast-tracking their production process and BMW are doubling down on paint-shop quality. We can help you today, just drop us a message.

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