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Quality assurance testing for textiles

Monday 22nd January, 2018

quality assurance testing for textiles

Quality control in textiles is concerned with being certain a product meets performance standards and customer expectations.

The expectations of customers and the increasing requirements for quality control have grown in parallel with the advances in vision inspection technology.

Quality assurance testing software

Shelton uses state of the art imaging hardware and write bespoke machine vision software that produces integrated vision systems.

Our self-learning software can help prevent sub-standard products slippings through the warehouse undetected and onto the sales floor.

Quality control examples

Here are some examples of clients who have benefited from our automated inspection systems.

Automotive fabric producer

The aesthetic appeal of a vehicle is enhanced by the quality of the fabric used for the interior. Seating and other components can add value, on the flip side, any defects within the materials used can increase customer complaints and a loss of revenue.

With Shelton’s machine vision inspection software, our customer was able to increase throughput whilst also maintaining a level of quality their customers expect.

Reduced waste and increased throughput

Defects can cause the value of woven cloth to be downgraded. Many defects are tiny but if unnoticed can build up and result in very high waste levels which can impact your bottom line.

Shelton is able to offer high-speed machine vision inspection at a commercially viable cost which will limit the severity of any missed defects.

Reduce waste and boost your bottom line

Quality assurance testing can increase workflow efficiency. It boosts your bottom line by saving money on wasted materials and strengthens current relationships with your customers. If you would like an informal chat about your automated inspection needs please call Shelton Vision on +44 (0) 116 279 0920 or complete our contact form.

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