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Pharmaceutical quality control

Monday 25th June, 2018

Pharmaceutical quality control

Quality assurance is an essential practice in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, as it is at this stage were you safeguard the integrity of products so that they meet the standard for the proposed use.

In most cases it is a legal obligation that ensures manufacturers meet the required standards for the production of medical products.

Shelton Vision can create a machine vision application to benchmark the quality of pharmaceutical products ensuring only medicines that meet the regulatory standards reach the end-user.

Our visual inspection systems can help benchmark the safety, quality, efficacy, strength, reliability and durability of a product.

Businesses that work within the pharmaceutical sector are under pressure to reduce risk in production, achieve rapid product release, and eliminate defects, impurities and contamination, from raw materials through to finished product – as well as supporting relevant quality assurance and regulatory standards.

Why is quality control important in the pharmaceutical industry?

Although medicinal products are subject to quality–control testing by the manufacturer, they may also have to be checked independently to:

1. Determine or confirm their composition
2. Assess their suitability for use
3. Investigate and identify defects
4. Identify unknown medicinal products
5. Identify contaminants

Objectives of medical quality assurance

Quality assurance exists to serve a number of objectives that include the following:

  • Peace of mind for the person who is administering medicine is confident that every unit will achieve the desired effect
  • To protect users from possible accidental defect in the manufacture, design, storage as well as usage instructions
  • Legal compliance
  • To offer protection of the manufacturer

Defect detection efficiency increases profits

Shelton Visions’ tailor-made vision inspection system means a variety of fault types are well within the range of our machine vision system. If you would like to get in touch to discuss how we could help improve your bottom line, then please call 0116 279 0920 or alternatively complete our contact form.

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