Automated Surface Inspection

Managing manufacturing defects

Monday 31st October, 2016

Shelton Vision apply high resolution defect detection to any surface, which allows our machine vision systems to detect the smallest of manufacturing defects at very high speeds.

Generic inspection systems often have the following drawbacks:

  • Low resolution images that don’t pick up on minute details such as cracks, tiny marks and other potential issues
  • Generally, only one light source is used so not all defects are manually detected
  • Manual inspection is sometimes needed, which increases time and costs, otherwise these defects would slip through the net

Shelton Vision are specialists in high resolution inspection, producing unique machine vision systems, tailored to the exact specifications of our customers. Our vision systems detect all defects and don’t require any manual sampling checks. This means your overall inspection is more precise and cost effective.

multiple line scan cameras

Previous projects have required unique machine vision system to be built, designed and in place in less than two months. Most projects require the implementation of three lighting conditions for each camera position, resulting in fast cycle times. We set up the lighting so that it is multiplexed and synchronised to the camera trigger and the lens control system. This arrangement enables all defects to be automatically detected at a resolution several times higher than standard inspection systems.

For enhanced surface inspection WebSPECTOR uses multiple line scan cameras in multiple planes of view, with different methods of illumination to enable a full range of defect detection.

Machine vision technology is becoming very much expected across all industries. Automated quality assurance allows greater workflow efficiency.

Automated defect detection

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