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Machine vision trends for 2019 – Shelton Vision

Wednesday 5th December, 2018

With the constant evolution of machine vision technology there are always plenty of exciting developments on the horizon. Here are some trends for image sensors, image processing and optics that we expect to see in 2019. All of which will positively affect and enhance a range of industry sectors.

  1. The Growth of Computational Imaging

Computational imaging (CI) refers to digital imaging and processing techniques that combine computation and optical encoding. Fundamentally, CI relies on data extracted and computed from a series of input images captured under different lighting or optical conditions. The advancements in CI could lead to greater accuracy, productivity and reliability in machine vision applications.

  1. Sensor Polarisation

Sensors can now be made with polarising wire grids directly on the chip. This allows for far greater flexibility and productivity in the polarisation of light – these sensors enable new applications that were previously impossible. Polarising sensors will be adopted quickly and increase productivity for those using them.

  1. Advanced Optics Selection

The selection of optical components, such as lenses, will become more complex in 2019. This is due to the increased resolution and sensitivity of modern image sensors. As sensors achieve larger or smaller pixels than before, optical equipment has to compensate for more powerful and unique imaging capabilities.

  1. Ease of use

Machine vision systems can often be complex from the user’s perspective. PC-based machine vision systems will remain popular, despite their age, because of their ease of use. The desire for ease of use may drive further standardisation in machine vision products, which could make them even easier to deploy inside and outside of factory settings.

Machine vision technology in 2019

Machine vision software will be one of the fastest growing segments between 2017 and 2023. The main reason for this is the expected increase in the integration of AI into industrial machine vision software to enable deep learning in robotics technology.

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