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Machine vision for the medical industry

Monday 25th September, 2017

Machine vision for the medical industry

Machine vision systems can be used within the pharmaceutical industry to help increase through-line speeds and improve quality, helping to improve the efficiency of your business.

Our systems help solidify your medical quality control processes, we offer a range of solutions that meet your specific needs and those of the wider pharmaceutical sector.

Contact lens case study

In the past, we have produced a contact lens machine vision inspection system that could inspect at high resolution throughout the lens depth and detect all defects that may occur without any manual sampling checks.

We created a system in less than two months that enabled up to 150 high-resolution images to be acquired, three lighting conditions employed for each camera position within less than two seconds cycle time. This helped them inspect each lens in more detail, reducing the number of faults and giving them an edge in a competitive market.

Automated inspection for the pharmaceutical sector

Here are some other typical applications of machine vision for the medical industry include:

  • Inspection of capsules
  • Product defect detection
  • Tablet inspection
  • Package inspection
  • Blister pack analysis
  • Label placement and alignment
  • Reading of barcodes
  • Machine vision tablet inspection systems
  • Colour verification

Interested in machine vision for the medical industry?

Shelton Visions’ bespoke inspection system solutions mean a variety of fault types are well within the range of this machine vision technology. If you would like to get in touch to discuss how we could help provide the optimum yield for your batch, then please complete a contact form or call Shelton Vision on 0116 279 0920.

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