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Machine vision applications

Tuesday 23rd August, 2016

Machine vision is the application of computer vision and related technologies to industrial automation. Shelton Visions WebSPECTOR solution is a machine vision system made up of four components, which reduce waste and increase your overall profit.

machine vision applications

Visual inspection applications

We develop and design machine vision applications that can be applied to a range of industries, from automotive and medical, to more traditional textile and non-woven manufacturing.

Automated visual inspection is one of these applications. Each application is unique, and built to help you achieve maximum yield.

Machine vision applications can be used to solve many problems such as:

  • Reducing waste in manufacturing through an optimised cutting plan
  • Improving efficiencies by operating at higher speeds than manual inspection alone
  • Saving costs by avoiding the downgrading of materials
  • Spotting imperfections at the earliest stage, making them more manageable
  • Providing quality data that can be collected and used for future runs
  • Enhancing future processes
  • Saving resources that could be used elsewhere within the business
  • Eliminate resupply costs
  • Keep up with the competition

Customised machine vision solutions

Industrial applications require customised solutions, Shelton Vision are specialists within this field, and have an experienced and dedicated team that are able to talk through your unique challenges and constraints. We take into account the specific needs of our customers, and design machine vision applications that meet their objectives.

Read our high resolution inspection case study, where a bespoke system was created within two months and produced a resolution that was several times higher than previous systems. We developed unique features, that detected the smallest of imperfections.

Do you need machine vision technology in your business?

If you would like to discuss how machine vision applications could help improve your costs and maximise your yield, then please get in touch for an informal discussion about your requirements. Contact Shelton Vision on 0116 279 0920 or fill in our online contact form.

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