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Line scan cameras and continuous inspection

Wednesday 16th November, 2016

Line scan cameras are traditionally used when continuous materials need to be examined and analysed at high speeds. WebSPECTOR, Shelton Visions machine vision solution, uses multiple line scan cameras and a variety of illumination to enable a full range of defect detection.

When inspecting materials at extremely high speeds during the manufacturing process, line scan cameras are usually the best and most financially viable solution.

Traditional applications for line-scan cameras usually include scenarios where continuous materials need to be analysed. Many industries could benefit from the use of line scan cameras, any business where materials need to be continuously analysed would see a reduction in waste and therefor an increase in profits. Here are just a few examples of where line scan cameras could be implemented:

  • Medical quality control – the ability to eject faulty components in real time
  • Aerospace – improve the overall of performance of products within the aerospace industry
  • Automotive – detect faults at the very earliest point, to help identify issues within the supply chain
  • Textiles – advance the overall performance of processes and materials used and to control costs and quality

However, even the best line scan cameras would fail to meet requirements in isolation. Shelton vision systems use machine vision based software developed with multi-layer programming. The advanced globally available hardware provides a robust platform that enables a high level of sustained system performance. These factors combined with the correct illumination, lenses and image capturing hardware, determine the quality of the images.

We use a range of lighting and camera configurations to help identify the widest range of defect detection.

line scan cameras with different lighting medthods

The configurations considered most useful are; “diffuse top light”, “back light”, “low angle shadow” and “low-angle side shadow”. These have been shown to be the most useful configurations when dealing with textiles specifically.

line scan cameras with different lighting medthods

Line scan cameras offer an economic and extremely powerful technical solution to quality inspection, particularly when dealing with continuous materials.

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