Automated Surface Inspection

Leading global tire maker using AI inspection solutions

Thursday 30th July, 2020

hankook tyres

If you’ve read our previous blogs, you’ll know that at Shelton we’re always looking for new companies that are leveraging the power of AI (artificial intelligence) inspection systems. Recently this year, April 2020, leading global tire maker Hankook Tire has started applying AI and digital sensors to drive consistency at the final stage of product testing.

They collaborated with AI experts in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) to implement their automated systems based on machine learning. It’s helping maximise consistency and efficiency and helping facility operation rates by reducing the decision making time.

How Hankook are using AI

Image processing spots defects, which is often tough since air bubbles are never the same shape or size. Previous to adopting AI technology, skilled technicians at Hankook had to manually make judgements based on their experience. With the new developed systems, this is being streamlined.

To maintain safety, the team at Hankook are completing a range of tests during the full inspection process as well – including three thorough inspections at the final stage. These include; internal inspection using Interferometer Tire Tester (ITT) to find air bubbles inside the tires, x-ray inspection to examine the inside and then external inspection.

“Hankook has been positioning itself as a digital leader. The development of the automatic inspection system is yet another feature aligned to such innovation, making it possible for us to secure a leading position in digital transformation in this fast-changing business environment,” said Hyunshick Cho, Vice Chairman and President of Hankook Technology Group.

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