Automated Surface Inspection

Inspection system services for all industries

Monday 27th June, 2016

The benefits of our visual inspection systems can be applied to a range of industries. Machine vision technology increases yield, improves quality analysis and reduces resupply costs, all of these benefits allow you to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Here we look into three specific industries:


Medical quality control

Shelton Vision offer inspection system solutions for manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Inspection systems improve quality and increase efficiency by rejecting faulty products at the point of manufacture.

Applications include:

  • Line monitoring systems
  • Product defect detection
  • Tablet inspection systems
  • Surface inspection for contamination
  • Product traceability
  • Label placement confirmation and alignment checks

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Automotive inspection systems

Shelton Vision use advanced line scan camera systems that audit results and trace any deviation. This process eliminates human error and can produce huge savings for the automotive industry by avoiding discounting faulty products to the consumer.

Applications include:

  • Seating inspection
  • Pillar fabric analysis
  • Carpet error proofing
  • Door panel defect detection
  • Transmission belt fabric verification
  • Airbag fabric inspection
  • Tyre cord checking

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Aerospace surface inspection

With over 100 years of combined machine vision system design and development experience within the company, Shelton can deliver reliable solutions to your aerospace manufacturing environment.

Applications include:

  • Leather seating inspection
  • Unidirectional carbon fibre analysis
  • Fibre placement detection
  • Weaving verification

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We have specifically focused on the medical, automotive and aerospace industries but our automated surface inspection systems can be applied to traditional industries such as textiles, non-woven and composites.

Interested in an automated inspection system service?

Shelton Visions’ bespoke inspection system solutions mean a variety of fault types are well within the range of this machine vision technology. If you would like to get in touch to discuss how we could help provide the optimum yield for your batch, then please complete a contact form or call Shelton Vision on 0116 279 0920.