Automated Surface Inspection

Innovating the Automotive Industry with AI

Monday 20th April, 2020

AI automation in the automotive industry is nothing new. It’s been helping manufacturers for years deliver high quality products, reducing human resources and ensuring consistency. AI is helping many car manufacturers around the world configure their parts together correctly, so employees can spend more time on creative work rather than inspecting.

Being an Automated Surface Inspection business, we’re always looking for new innovative solutions in the world. A perfect example of how a business is leveraging AI automation is BMW. They’re investing in new technologies to optimise their automated systems.

Matthias Schlinder, Head of BMW’s AI Innovation, spoke to Manufacturing Global recently which we found interesting.

“We have one billion possibilities to configure with the new BMW 3 Series. So that means the correct rims, seat, flooring and so on. In the past, we had automated inspections which were mainly scale and pixel-based comparisons. Object detection with AI has helped us to optimise this process.”

BMW are using Machine Learning in the Press shop to identify metal stains, oil and micro tears. Additionally, predictive maintenance is being used across the Body Shops to reduce costs and time – sensors are fitted on all of the tons to measure the friction levels three times during a shift and report any issues. With all of the data stored in the cloud, BMW can monitor at any time where maintenance work is needed. They’re also using sensors in the Paint Shop process and AI-based Image Recognition in Assembly.

AI will continue to become more prominent in the automotive industry, with further technical innovations over the next few years. Learn how automated technology can benefit and streamline your business by getting in touch now.

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