Automated Surface Inspection

Industrial automation

Monday 16th January, 2017

Industrial automation benefits a range of industries, initially, it was used to replace manual inspection to help reduce costs and increase productivity. Now industrial automation systems are used to increase quality control and flexibility within the manufacturing process.

Benefits of automated applications

Industrial automated systems rely on vision inspection systems such as machine vision cameras to identify defects. Shelton offers a comprehensive machine vision system that allows for the following benefits:

  • Consistent data that helps mould future decisions and avoid potential errors. This helps reduce waste, increase savings, and improve processes.
  • Automated machine systems eliminate the usual costs associated with manual operators, such as holidays, paid leave, bonuses, employee benefits and pension contributions
  • The productivity of the whole company can be increased by allowing manufacturers to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Automation alleviates the error associated with a human being. Further, unlike human beings, robots do not involve any fatigue, which results in products with uniform quality manufactured at different times.
  • Machine automation helps remove the errors associated with a manual operator. Unlike human operators, machine vision systems don’t suffer from drops in quality because of fatigue or tiredness.
  • Industrial vision systems a far more flexible than human operators and can be programmed to do any task. Whereas manual operators would require training to learn the new task on the assembly line.
  • Industrial automation can make the production line safe for the employees by deploying robots to handle hazardous conditions

Talk to Shelton about automated control systems

Industrial automation allows greater workflow efficiency across the whole of your business. It boosts your bottom line by saving money on wasted materials and improving productivity. If you would like an informal chat about your automated inspection needs, please call Shelton Vision on 0116 279 0920 or fill in our online contact form.

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