Automated Surface Inspection

How to improve your quality control processes

Monday 23rd August, 2021

Looking to improve your processes in quality control? At Shelton Vision, we have 3 great pointers to help with accelerating your processes.

1) Go automated

There are so many advantages of making your inspection systems and processes automated in 2021, which actually feed into our next two points. Switching to automation can deliver 24/7 accuracy, be the answer to crisis response and save you money. 

Additionally, it allows you to streamline your processes, as products are checked more thoroughly at a faster rate, avoiding any natural human errors.

Differences between manual and automated inspection systems.

2) Use your team elsewhere

Once you’ve switched to automation, you can utilise your quality control team in more useful and effective ways. They can be moved to more key parts of the process, to give insight or analysis for example. With saved time and money, there are various fruitful opportunities available for your team.

3) Use data

Another brilliant benefit of switching to automation is the data you can collect. This, in turn, can help advise and improve your processes. Take advantage of the realtime results you gather, and use this to cut costs and improve quality.

Got any questions about the above? We’ll happily answer.

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