Automated Surface Inspection

How Honda is excelling their production lines with AI

Friday 28th August, 2020

AI (artificial intelligence) is not something you always see in the automotive world, it’s ticking away making things run like clockwork. Honda is a prime example of how AI can help you inspect cars quicker and more efficiently. They describe it as having ‘superpowers’, and they’re not far wrong.

Dennis Clark, managing director of strategic venture partnerships at Honda Innovations, said Honda has designated a few factories around the globe to test this new technology.

They’re using AI technology to check for defects and anomalies, as cars move down the production line. Using multi-tangle scanning technology, the AI quickly creates digital models of vehicles/parts and then matches them to identify problems. It uses cameras and scanners to find these issues straight away, with unique learning capabilities.

The great thing about this technology is that it can be implemented at any place or stage of the production process.

Honda’s just one of a wide variety of car manufacturers adopting AI technology in their production lines. We’ve also discussed how BMW are using surface inspection in their paint shops and how a leading tire maker is using AI solutions too.

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