Automated Surface Inspection

Defect management

Thursday 27th April, 2017

The primary goal of any business is to prevent defects in the first place. Realistically this is not always feasible, the next best option is to detect defects as soon as possible to prevent further waste and to reduce the financial impact. Shelton offer defect management solutions that catch faults at the earliest possible point.

Defect management process

Defects should be risk driven, Shelton’s automated vision systems enable our customers to identify and prioritise defects. Defect classification means our machine vision solutions can differentiate between different types of defects that appear visually similar. Minor defects that you deem as insignificant would, therefore, pass through the system without the production line coming to a halt.

Benefits of defect management

Shelton’s automated machine vision solution enables the following benefits:

  • You will win more business if your sales team can demonstrate a clear defect management plan to potential customers
  • Build trust and instil confidence with current customers
  • By identifying defects early the amount of waste can be reduced
  • Grading defects, and the impact of those defects allows a more streamlined process
  • A reduction in waste equals an increase in profits
  • Information collected can be used to improve future processes

Timing is everything

Installing an inspection system at the earliest possible stage of the manufacturing process prevents:

  • Sub-standard products from being produced
  • Wasted shipping costs
  • Lost process time
  • Customer claims and rejects

Ideally, an automated system would be implemented at each stage of the production process to save the maximum amount of money. Often an increasing proportion of value is added at later stages involving higher component costs.

Automated defect detection

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