Automated Surface Inspection

Create the perfect cutting plan

Tuesday 20th December, 2016

We offer machine vision solutions that help you reduce your overall costs and increase your yield. The pressure on manufacturers to reduce wastage and costs has never been higher. Shelton Vision offers a solution that identifies and grades defects in real-time during production.

Human inspection can work, but it will never be as consistent as an automated inspection system for identifying complex issues. This process is also slower and creates additional waste because of cutting position inefficiency. Even the cutting itself can be problematic, a human operator may not be able to stick to the defect boundary which causes more waste.

Manual operators don’t have the ability to judge the batch as a whole, which creates a cutting plan with more wastage. Our machine vision solutions can pre-plan an individual cutting plan for each unique situation.

Machine vision applications can greatly increase yield in comparison to manual inspection.

Shelton Vision has created an integrated machine vision process for fabric inspection that creates a detailed defect map for each large process batch of fabric, where defects are automatically classified and graded.

Customers can then decide which defects are most pressing and alternatively grade those imperfections which wouldn’t cause the production line to stop.

A defect map is a virtual form of the fabric batch that has been inspected, pre-planned cutting solutions can be applied to the map in its virtual form to calculate the optimum outcome.

Shelton Vision’s computer based optimisation techniques allow you to make the most of each batch, enabling you to get the maximum yield from your production line.

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