Automated Surface Inspection

What can Machine Vision software do for your company?

Friday 30th June, 2017

The expectations of customers and the increasing requirements for quality control have grown in parallel with the advances in vision inspection systems. Automated vision systems are cost-effective and allow efficiencies and cost savings to be distributed more evenly across your business.

Finding a defect or fault is an essential task of solving any machine vision problem. Before you can measure or inspect a defect, machine vision cameras have to first find it, this is where machine vision software steps in.

Shelton Visions WebSPECTOR provides unrivalled inspection accuracy with real-time defect classification and grading. A defect map can then be built to ensure you get the most from each batch.

A lot of manufacturing processes go wrong when a machine is out of tolerance and creates products that are out of spec. Using vision inspection systems is fast, accurate and can quickly alert you to any process that has gone bad so it can be corrected quickly. Those defects that aren’t deemed serious can be captured without stopping the production line.

Our machine vision systems provide accurate reading and recording of all types of surfaces. This level of inspection enables you to provide traceability and accountability throughout the manufacturing process.

Benefits of machine vision software

  • Automated inspection systems have a direct effect on the amount of waste you produce and the costs associated with that waste. Here are a few benefits of automated vision technology:
  • Automates production
  • Provides flexibility
  • Improves quality and yield
  • 100% inspection for
    – completeness
    – correct location
    – quality
    – process control
  • Precise and fast
  • Reads codes, characters or identified by colour, shape or assembly
  • Controls material flow, enables traceability, collects essential data

Interested in machine vision technology?

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