Automated Surface Inspection

Automated vision inspection boosts profits

Thursday 29th September, 2016

automated vision inspection

Most, if not all types of business can benefit from an automated vision inspection system that improves the level of reliability and the profitability of inspection data.

Bad quality can reflect on your company and harm future business. Bad quality essentially is a reflection of poor manufacturing processes and procedures; this doesn’t install faith in your current customers or future prospects. Not only is prevention best practice, it’s invariably cheaper than the corresponding cure. It makes economic sense to inspect 100% of output and improve your overall quality control.

Shelton Vision’s machine vision systems enables you to continuously inspect, classify and grade faults in fabrics, a manufacturer has the ability to:

  • Meet or even exceeds customer specifications
  • Monitor the types, sizes and frequencies of faults generated during production
  • Armed with this data any increase in types, sizes and frequencies of faults and take remedial action
  • Preserve and further build his reputation by preventing sub – standard product from being shipped

Vision inspection examples for different industries

In denim manufacturing, for example, the immediate benefit for the fabric manufacturer lies in the total quality control of all output prior to shipping. The data can then be used to continuously improve in – house manufacturing quality and profitability.

However, the downstream user of the same denim fabrics will likewise benefit from both avoiding the use of any faults which are present in the fabric. The knock on effect is that fabric manufacturing becomes more efficient and quality improves.

Fabrics for the automotive industry, for example, the immediate benefit of the fabric manufacturer lies in being able to inspect all dyed fabric prior to adding further value, such as anti-soiling finish and foam backing. This limits the cost of any rejected product to only the cost of the plain fabric. You can then ensure that all customer-specific grading is adhered to and that supplier reputation is safeguarded.

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