Automated Surface Inspection

AOI inspection systems

Wednesday 18th October, 2017

AOI Inspection

Shelton builds automated optical inspection (AOI) applications that use high-performance industrial cameras and various lighting configurations that make sure you get the most from your next batch. We create tailor-made solutions that are unique to your business.

Shelton brings more than one hundred years of combined machine vision experience to the table. Initiate the first steps by calling our dedicated team on 0116 279 0920 alternatively complete our online form.

AOI Inspection and defect detection

Shelton’s defect detection systems use a signal to noise (S/N) ratio to identify faults which would otherwise be missed by manual inspection. The larger peaks within the graphs indicate a fault. The larger peaks, in comparison to the smaller peaks of the background texture, are easy to identify.

AOI inspection systems are no longer seen as a luxury but are instead seen as essential in competitive markets, such as textiles, automotive, aerospace, and fabric industries, where faulty products can incur re-shipping costs, produce waste and damage relationships with current customers.

In addition to providing defect detection, our AOI systems allow complete control of the entire production process, resulting in the production line becoming more important. The goal is to optimize the production process, prevent scrap and lower costs.

Learn how Shelton can help with all aspects of AOI inspection

Shelton Vision build bespoke inspection systems that identify a variety of fault types that are specific to your business. If you would like to get in touch to discuss how we could help provide the optimum yield for your batch, then please call 0116 279 0920 or alternatively complete our contact form.

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