Automated Surface Inspection

Getting Aerospace back up and running after COVID-19

Tuesday 13th April, 2021

The aerospace industry has suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic, among many others, and as the world begins to re-open, there is an opportunity to come back stronger than before. It’s a chance to look at current technology in the aerospace industry and ensure it is cost-effective, accurate and delivering sustainable results.

As manufacturing processes increase in speed and safety as quality standards become more rigorous, the need for an automated quality control solution is ever more pressing.

Digital Imaging software helps improve defect defection and takes the strain off of your employees, as automation ensures the job is done on point. And everything is reported and analysed, to analyse and handle crisis situations with ease.

Our state of the art machine vision techniques offer a whole range of benefits to applications in the aerospace world:

  • The ability to set identifiable standards of visual quality control.
  • The ability to audit results and trace any deviation.
  • The ability to eject faulty components in real time.
  • Elimination of variable human subjectivity on day to day quality decisions.

Now is the time to refresh your manufacturing processes. Automation is the answer to save money and time in a post-lockdown world. 

Not convinced? We have over 100 years experience in this field, send us a message to learn more. At a time where cost-effective solutions are at the forefront of everybody’s minds, automation is an investment which will create long term savings for any business. 

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