Automated Surface Inspection

Advantages of an automated inspection system

Monday 19th June, 2017

automated inspection system

The drive for higher productivity and better results within the manufacturing industry has highlighted the need for an improvement in production inspection. An automated inspection system can help enhance inspection and provide a consistent overview of the production line, identifying and classifying defects for future reference.

Compared to manual inspection, automated inspection systems have the following advantages:

  • They are able to adapt, quickly and easily, to different products and surfaces
  • They can be programmed and monitored remotely
  • They are able to work 24 hours a day
  • They have a higher inspection speed than human inspectors
  • Consistency of inspection is maintained

Automated inspection systems also take advantage of machine vision cameras for data collection and computer software for data analysis. The camera captures images and sends them to the computer for processing. The computer then analyses the images and makes decisions as to whether the image has passed or failed inspection.

No inspection system is totally foolproof, but an automated system can be fine-tuned to produce better results than a human inspector. However, human inspection can play its part, especially with complex surfaces.

The real benefit of an automated inspection system is the added value that it can contribute towards the bottom line, every defect that is detected means less waste and an increase in overall profits.

This will also benefit your customers as they will have peace-of-mind knowing that they can rely on your business to deliver products that will not be disrupted by unknown quality issues or short shipments.

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