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Advanced Imaging goes to space

Tuesday 3rd November, 2020

planet mars

We’ve been looking at lots of AI technology lately, especially around image inspection in the automotive industry. But, imaging spans much more than this, there are infinite possibilities. Literally. Recently we heard that a Mars rover will be studying the Red Planet using advanced imaging technology.

The Perseverance rover is landing on Mars in February 2021 to analyse Mars’ climate and geology for a year. The rover has 19 cameras, and the operators will be able to view the images through 3D goggles. Teledyne e2v’s CCD42-10 image sensor is used in both the SuperCam and Sherloc cameras.

What is SuperCam? It’s a camera that uses a pulsed laser aimed at studying the soil, whereas the latter uses a UV laser to find organic compounds. To analyse the dust, astronomical imaging and cloud tracking, the rover includes SkyCam. In all in all, this Mars rover is kitted out to analyse Mars perfectly.

Image analysis technology comes in all shapes and sizes, whether it be automated inspection tools or scanning foreign planets in space. The technology is constantly changing and progressing to be more capable and more flexible.

“Teledyne’s space imaging heritage is unsurpassed, especially with the number of high TRL devices and the thousands of years of proven space flight.”

Dr Miles Adcock, president for space and quantum at Teledyne e2v

It may sound like a bizarre comparison, but it’s not too distantly connected to what we offer here at Shelton. Advanced Imaging is all about inspection, and identification. Interested? Let’s have a chat.

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