Automated Surface Inspection

Accelerating textile production with automation

Monday 28th June, 2021

Manufacturing processes are always moving forward, in speed and complexity. The textiles industry are often early adopters of these technologies, to advance the performance of processes and cut down on costs whilst retaining quality.

If you’re on the fence about trying automated inspection systems with your textiles business, there’s a few things you should know.

They allow you to:

  • Set identifiable standards of visual quality control
  • Audit results and trace any deviation
  • Eject faulty components in real time
  • Reduce costs in the business and make budgeting easier

The traditional ways of inspecting materials in textiles just won’t cut it anymore. The workforce should be assuring quality over the technology, rather than checking the products themselves – it is more cost effective by re-structuring like this.

Humans are prone to error, and it can never be guaranteed to be 100% accurate – due to the way we work. Implementing automated systems allows for accurate work, with data to back it up. And when errors are found, they’re reported immediately.

We have plenty of experience in inspecting all types of knitted and woven textile fabrics for many different end uses (suiting, performance apparel, sportswear, work wear) at inspection speeds in excess of 100m/minute.

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